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Oceana - *Large* Remarkable Ethiopian Opal in Unique Vintage Ring Setting

  • 2,40000

This is a statement cocktail ring like no other, an eye-catching, amazing work of art. An enormous freeform Ethiopian opal is cradled in a vintage gold ring setting with a leaf-and-vine design. The stone shimmers with strong blue and green play-of-color in patch and chaff patterns. The opal is translucent, giving the patterns depth, and the gold backing it is set against has been blackened so the fire displays clearly. Long gold leaves and tendrils wrap around the opal, securing and protecting it. You will never see another ring remotely like this!

  • Size 11.5
  • 39x21mm (over 1 1/2 by 3/4 inches!) Ethiopian opal, 19 carats in weight
  • Vintage setting
  • 14 karat yellow gold

Custom sizing is available at a small additional charge, please email us for an estimate.

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