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About Us


Hello and welcome!

The inspiration behind Hidden Fire Gems started with our mother, Bonnie. Her parents, Fred and Mary, were botanists who loved to travel the globe. Our grandparents passed on their passion for nature and adventure to our mother, who started collecting fossils, opals, and amber on international trips.

And it didn’t take long for us to follow in Bonnie’s footsteps! Some of our earliest childhood memories include us happily tagging along to gem and mineral fairs. Growing up, we treasured the tiny fossils, meteorites, and carved stones we received as presents.   

Bonnie always had a deep appreciation for the uncommon. The pieces available in our store are evidence of her love of the unique, as well as her flare for discovering truly exceptional finds.

Sadly, we unexpectedly lost our mother to a sudden illness in 2015, just as she started this jewelry store – the culmination of her lifelong treasure hunt.

With her passing, we inherited a selection of incredible jewelry and gemstones. And in her honor, we chose to carry on with her commitment to sharing the amazing pieces she gathered with the rest of the world.

Unlike jewelry store chains, Hidden Fire Gems was founded on a genuine love for the history and beauty of rare stones like opals and ammonite. We remain as devoted as Bonnie was to unwavering quality and the true delight that comes from finding the perfect piece of jewelry.

So please browse our jewelry and dream, just like Bonnie did. We’re confident you’ll find a piece that will delight you or your loved one for years to come.

Whether you’re in search of something one-of-a-kind to mark a milestone or simply want a little more beauty in your life, we’re honored to be part of your search. Please let us know if you have any questions or we can help in any way.

Vryce & Martha