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The Galatea Pearl is the world’s first and only cultured pearl with a brilliant gemstone center, hand carved to let the gem’s color and brilliance shine through. Protected by U.S. and International patents, the Galatea Pearl is, quite simply, like no other pearl in the world. Called the most significant advancement in pearl farming since the creation of the culturing process, each Galatea Pearl is unique. 

The Galatea Pearl Collection features black Tahitian pearls and white and golden South Sea varieties farmed at Galatea’s pearl farms in Tahiti and Vietnam. Galatea Pearls are available both with and without Diamond in a Pearl settings. The Galatea Pearl Collection includes:

 Pearl sizes ranging in size from 6.5mm to 11.5mm

 Center gemstones include turquoise, citrine, Kyocera opal, amethyst, blue topaz, rutilated quartz and synthetic coral

 14k yellow or white gold settings