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Callidus - Freeform Ethiopian Opal in Silver Calla Lily Necklace

  • 1,60000

This eye-catching Mexican calla lily necklace is set apart from the others in our collection by its truly exceptional center stone. The opal at the heart of the piece is quite large, and showcases a rich honeycomb pattern found almost exclusively in Ethiopian opals. The whole stone displays bright flashes of green and orange play-of-color, and on careful inspection one can see a small inclusion which appears to be a fragment of preserved plant life from when the opal was formed, bringing further intrigue to an already captivating piece.

Utterly unique, and a sure-fire conversation starter. 

  • Necklace measures 16 inches in length
  • 26x13mm freeform Ethiopian opal, weighing 11 carats
  • 52x32mm pendant with Mexican calla lily motif 
  • Simple oval link chain
  • .925 sterling silver

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