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Galatea Carved Tahitian Pearl and Ruby Earrings

  • 1,52500

In each of these beautiful earrings, a teardrop-shaped Tahitian pearl is hand-carved to resemble a delicate blossom bud, then cradled in golden sepals and adorned with golden stamens and a golden pistil with a ruby tip. Each flower hangs at the end of a long golden chain. A lovely way to accentuate a long neck for a formal evening.

From Galatea’s “Perfect Pearl” collection. Each pearl is drawn and carved by hand using proprietary techniques developed over the years. Polished to a rich and lustrous finish, Galatea Carved Pearls are truly Pearls without Boundaries

  • 25mm carved Tahitian pearl, ruby, and 14k yellow gold flower bud, hanging from a 50mm 14k yellow gold chain
  • French hooks, for pierced ears

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