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Pele - Freeform Mexican Fire Opal in Reversible Pendant

  • 2,60000

A hypnotizing, dancing flame captured in stone and held in grasping golden talons. The heart of this piece is a translucent Mexican opal in a free-form cut. The gem is primarily a pale orange, bracketed by a touch of true white and a dash of rich persimmon. Within  dance rolling rainbows of fire, strongest in reds and greens but covering a full spectrum of color. The opal is displayed in an eye-catching and utterly unique gold setting with organic texturing at the bale and grasping tendrils holding the gem in place. The spinning bale allows the pendent to showcase both sides of the stone.

  • 21.0x13.5mm full-spectrum precious Mexican Fire Opal
  • 14 karat 26.5x14.5mm setting
  • 14 karat 13mm spinning bale
  • Total length 40mm


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