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Octavia - Superb Ethiopian Opal in Vintage Ring Setting

  • 1,80000

The opal at the center of this ring is possibly the most complex and fascinating in our collection. Its layered patterning is like nothing else we've seen. This rich and dark honey Ethiopian opal displays on its surface a "honeycomb" pattern whose broad patches of negative space look more like the spots of a jaguar or giraffe. The strands of that utterly unique design appear to float above the main body of the stone, which is full of the striped "chaff" pattern, rolling into a broad flash depending on the light. The play of color moves constantly between red, orange, green, and violet, with an extremely rare flash of teal. It is absolutely hypnotic. The light and airy setting framing the opal is lovely as well, a twisting golden double helix made in London in the 1950s.

  • Size 6.5
  • 16x13mm honey Ethiopian opal, 5 carats in weight
  • Vintage setting, 1950s, London
  • 9 karat yellow gold

Custom sizing is available at a small additional charge, please email us for an estimate.

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